• VPS With Unlimited Mailing Server Installed
  • VPS With Unlimited Mailing Server Installed
Get Your Email Server that will run 24/7 handling your emails on your Secure VPS Server without worry of Limits....... Lets say you are sending 500 emails per hour or 20000 per day.

This server will be setup using wordpress installed on the VPS and emails will be verified and passed by major spam bots and will also look professional as an email sent from your hosted wordpress website with PHP mail() Function. You can use any email plugin for emailing.

You may be thinking what is this all about. I want to explain what I am offering you. This is similar to what you are being offered by your shared hosting but there is no restriction on the amount of server resources you can use. If you are on a shared hosting, you are being put among many other users on the same machine (In this scenario, the VPS Server). This make the admin restrict the amount of server resources a user can use and will ask you to upgrade to get more space on their server.
This service is offering you a chance to be your own server admin.

This server will pass all the authentication that mail servers use to filter incoming mails; SPF, DMARC....etc... With these records verified, your emails will never go to spam folder.

Check spam score from mail-tester.com.......10/10 Score

Check out mail sent with a server I just finished.

Features And Requirements:
  • This package includes the installations of the email server and a VPS for a month... Renewal is available for $16 afterwards....
  • You can choose up to 10 sending addresses and you can also receive emails with third party email clients like Thunderbird...
  • You can choose email addresses from both main domain and subdomains
  • You have to own a domain name and hosting which I will use for your server. It can also be configured for your existing website or old domain names. Sender email will be an email from your domain or subdomain.
  • Existing website owners can have their websites on their current server while the VPS will be handling the emails for them.

I want to make things clear on how spam is handled. The decision of spam bots are mainly from these sources;

  1. The configuration of your sending server with your sending domain. This is the major spam filtering instructions given to bots.
  2. Your email message contents (This have little impact on spam filtering)
  3. There are lots of instructions given to spam bots to filter emails and determine where to put them. One of which is the rate at which email is sent from a single email address. If you choose to email too many, it will reach a time when the mailboxes will filter your mails as spam.... I suggest 1000-1500 per hour. The unlimited comes gradually. You will gain reputation over time if you use the server slowly...

The first one will be correctly met when setting up the server and any email I send for testing will eventually go to the mailbox meanwhile, the rest will solely depend on you. The content of your email and how you use the server.
After, I finish setting it up, I will test the server for you against major email clients to confirm this. I will test with Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook. If you want any other testing, let me know.

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