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SERP CTR Boost Google Keyword Boost for $100

98.5% (1,332)

SERP CTR Boost (Google Keyword Boost)

This service is invented to increase your SERP CTR on Google. Our crowdsourced SERP CTR Network ( will raise the click through rate of your SERPs. Our organic search traffic system has been specially developed for this purpose.

Your Keyword will be searched on Google by our click members. They will get paid per click, based on the country of their IP address. We track all clicks through our browser extensions (Compatible Browsers IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge). All members in our traffic network, are verified and were through a security check. You can be sure that all members are real human and no fakes.

Focus on quality over quantity !!!

- Influences the Google Trends
- Organic Search Traffic Network
- Real Human Keyword Based Visits
- See the result in Webmaster Tools
- Influences your SERP CTR at Google

We have no competition!

Our service gives you direct control over your SERP CTR's. Furthermore, our organic search traffic also has a possitive influence on your MOZ Authority and Alexa Rank. You will not find such a unique service again. We are the only provider for high quality organic search traffic on WWW.

This traffic is visible on Webmaster Tools & Google Analytics !

So if you want to get a better position for your Keywords on Google, check out our service and boost your SERPs!

What we provide:

- Real searches for your Keywords on Google for 30 days (av. 30 to 300 a month).
- You will get real click on your Keywords and a high duration visit on your website.
- This is a high quality service ! Not a quantity service like the rest here on monsterbacklinks.
- You can choose what Google TLD you need to boost your SERPs on (Country based).
- The average of visitors is about 15 clicks on keywords per week. But it depends on the strength of the keywords.
- If you don't use Webmaster Tools, please don't order, sins you then can't see the clicks from our service. We do NOT provide or !!!

Special Features
We also provide Negative SEO for your competitor within the search task. (Look at extras)

Requirements for cooperation:
We will not accept Sites that promote hate, contain pornography, promote racism or spamming of any kind. We reserve the right to disapprove any Site that we feel does not sufficiently meet our standard of quality.

- No Shortened URLs
- No Youtube/Vimeo Videos
- No Direct Download URL's !
- No Websites that contain or promote illegal content.

We do not:
- sell specific country based visitors
- guaranty more sales, sign ups, click on banner ads!

- If you have further questions, are you always welcome to contact me through INBOX.


Serp Ctr Boost Visitors Traffic
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$100 - In stock