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A Quick FAQ

Here's a list of frequently asked questions that will likely answer anything you need A Quick FAQ

These are mainly what we've been getting asked on the Help Desk and will be updated as time goes on.

Q. Will my user info transfer from other marketplaces?
A. No, sorry. You'll need to create a brand new account and we will do our best to help you through the process.

Q. I was a higher level on other marketplaces, can I get upgraded?
A. Yes, we have been monitoring the new sellers on our marketplace and
honoring your user level from other marketplaces as long as your
information is the same and you can validate you're who you say you are.

Q. Can I sell likes and followers?
A. No, sorry. There's not much wiggle room on this either.

Q. Will there be seller fees?
A. No, we are removing seller fees A Quick FAQ

Q. Will my account be suspended if a charge is sent to my card and does not go through?
A. Since we are removing seller fees, this will not be a problem A Quick FAQ

Q. What withdrawal methods will you provide to sellers?
A. We will be providing PayPayl, Wise, and Payoneer for now.
We do plan to add more, but those are the first 3 we will be working with.

Q. Will you be offering a way to earn free boosts?
A. Yes, you can see how many free boosts you've accumulated HERE

Q. Can you services, reviews, and balance be transferred from a different marketplace?
A. No, we cannot transfer those since we are a completely different company with different accounts and locations.

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