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We will be removing Social Media type services.

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We will be removing Social Media type services.

Hey Everyone!

As the title says, we will be removing all social media type services.

The only types of services related to social media that will be allowed are:
1. Design services: Page creation, image creation, and management services.
2. Video creation and editing: YouTube video editing, Video creation, and channel designs.
3. Social Media SEO: On page and off page optimization of a social media page or channel.
(please don't contact us saying that your likes, views, followers, and/or subscribers services are SEO related)

What types of services that are NOT allowed:
1. Selling Likes: Artificially increasing the likes of a page, post, and/or video
2. Selling Followers: Artificially increasing the followers of a page, community, and/or channel
3. Selling Subscribers: Artificially increasing the subscribers to a page, community, and/or channel
4. Selling Views: Artificially increasing the views of a page, post, community, video, and/or channel
5. Selling Listens: Artificially increasing the amount of people who have listened to a music track.
6. Selling a "Promotion": This is a workaround for selling Likes, Followers, Subscribers, and Views will not be allowed.

This is non-negotiable.

Thank you for understanding!

- MBL management