Monster Backlinks + = SMM Win!

Write the reason you're deleting this FAQ + = SMM Win!

Hey Everyone!

We have been thinking of unique ways to bring more traffic into our website and we missed something big!

We didn't harness the power of our amazing users to help us grow!

Well, now you can bring in more sales to your services through social media platforms. You may not be asking "Well, how can I do that Mr. MBL?" because we sort of gave that away in the title + = SMM Win!

Check out! + = SMM Win!

This is a free service we set up a while back and never got around to marketing. It works great for Social Media Management (SMM) and you can schedule an unlimited amount of posts to your social profiles.

Why are we letting you know all of this?
Because you can schedule a ton of posts, add some targeted hashtags to each one, and link people to your services here + = SMM Win!

SMM is a great way to bring in traffic, especially targeted traffic, and it's 100% free to do so!

We had a dream a while back to develop a bunch of free services for Digital Marketers, like yourself, and was one of those ideas we brought to light. Now you get to use it and be a social media management wizard!

What's the catch!?!?!?! + = SMM Win!

Well, there isn't one!
We own and you can now use it for FREE!

We had planned on making this a Freemium type SAAS but simply don't have the time to manage it right now. So, our overpacked scheduled means you get this for free lol.

After you sign up you'll notice that your account will not expire for 36,500 days (100 years) and you have access to everything as if you were paying for the agency plan!

What you get access to after signing up:
  1. Ability to schedule as many posts as you want for up to 100 different social profiles.
  2. Ability to publish posts right away if you have urgent news to get out.
  3. You can link to social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Tumblr.
  4. You can "Publish All" and send posts to all of your accounts at once or select which accounts you want to send to.
  5. Free account for 100 years (yes, 36,500 days!)(this could change in the future, but you will always have a free account).
  6. Access to the proxy manager if you plan on using your own proxies when posting.

Social Media Marketing can be great for all types of things, especially if you want to help this marketplace grow, and we know that a lot of our sellers here want us to be successful + = SMM Win!

If you're wondering how your posts will look, you can check out our social media profiles, because we have been using for them recently + = SMM Win!

MonsterBacklinks Facebook Page
MonsterBacklinks Instagram Page
MonsterBacklinks Twitter Page
We have just began posting to these pages
There won't be 100's of posts to view, yet + = SMM Win!

Thank you and Enjoy!

- MBL Management