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January - Free Homepage Featured Spot Giveaway!

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January - Free Homepage Featured Spot Giveaway!

We're giving away a Free Featured Spot to start off 2022!

  1. Share our website (or your service URL) on high-traffic websites, blogs, and/or forums.
  2. Each share MUST be done manually (we will be checking).
  3. No automation! We know what it looks like when software is used. Do this manually to ensure the posts stay live.
  4. Compile all of your share URLs into a file and we will go through each link one by one to see who has actually done the work.
  5. Send your list of URLs to our support desk at https://monsterbacklinks.zendesk.c...-us/requests/new
  6. Don't open a ticket for each share you do. Compile a list of all of them and send in 1 ticket/email.
  7. Send in your share list or URLs each Friday (or on the weekend) and we will look over them.
(we may update these rules at any time, so please keep an eye on them)

Remember, featured spots on MBL bring in a great ROI.
Benefits of featuring your service for 31 days on MonsterBacklinks

There is no end date for this.
We will randomly award the top people each week/month and let them know via direct message.
We will NOT post the winners publicly. If we didn't message you, it means you didn't win, and there's no need to ask us.

Let's see who's the top "sharer" in January!