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Payoneer Questions and Updates

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Payoneer Questions and Updates

We have been getting a lot of questions about Payoneer and payments going through it.

We decided the easiest way to answer all of those questions is to post a thread here so everyone can read it.

Support tickets through our HD will be sent a link to this thread.

Q: Can I withdraw through Payoneer?
A: As of right now, No. We are working on a bug that is preventing people from withdrawing.

Q: If I can't withdraw through Payoneer, why is is an option?
A: We showed it as an option because people kept asking for it. We wanted users to know we had a Payoneer withdrawal option on our roadmap, and they would be able to withdraw through it eventually, but we ran into a bug that we're working on.

Q: Instead of Payoneer, why not add AirTM for withdrawals?
A: We will not be adding AirTM because they constantly put large account into review and it will only add additional work onto our already busy schedule.

Q: How else can I withdraw my funds?
A: Right now we are sending money to our freelancers through Wise and have never had a problem with it.

Q: Wise is not available in my country, what now?
A: We understand that Wise isn't available worldwide yet, but it will be eventually, but for now you'll just have to be patient.

We know that Payoneer is a great way to send funds to users, and some of our freelancers prefer it, but we are working on it as much as we can to get these bugs resolved. For now, we only offer Wise as a withdrawal option and will be working on Payoneer each week to get it fixed.

Thank you,
MBL Management.