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9 Benefits of Blogging for Your Website

9 Benefits of Blogging for Your Website

There are some seriously major benefits to blogging today so let's talk about them! There's no doubt that having a website for your business is very important and it doesn't matter what niche or industry your website is in. It can be a very crucial tool to make use of if you want your website to pull in leads and prospects from the Search Engines you'll need to get bloggin' on it!

Every website should have at least 5 pages which are known as essential pages to have. They are going to be your homepage inevitably, your about us page, your contact us page and possibly your services or products page. And of course a blog! But what are the perks and advantages to having a blog you're wondering? Well read on to find out!

In a nutshell, blogs and blog posts are an essential tool to help you boost traffic to your website and improve its conversion rate. Let's talk about and look at how good quality blog posts can help with this.


The Benefits For Writing Blog Posts for your Website Business

For many people who start out with a website for the first time, they can feel like writing and publishing blog posts to their blog is a waste of time and wont do any good. It's a hard thing to imagine writing killer blog posts about their products and services especially when they are already pressed for time as it is. Yet that is a big mistake as you will now find out. For website owners asking if they should start a blog, the answer is an imperative yes! Since a blog can be so powerful for your website it should be considered an essential thing to have in fact.

Here we will go over some of the most prominent advantages of posting high quality blog posts to your site's blog:


Will increase your site's visibility and search traffic from the Search Engines
Your website will need to be SEO'd (Search Engine Optimized) if you want people to be able to find it so that it ranks better in Google's SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). That's a given! But a good way to boost its search visibility and traffic is with high quality blog posts.

The way that Google's algorithms work is that they need content to actually crawl and index. So by blogging you give them something to actually crawl and index and they work out where your site belongs in the SERPs because of it. If your blog content is well structured and optimized well it should start showing up for people's searches within their search results for your targeted keywords. And of course, the higher up your blog content posts rank, the more traffic you'll receive from them.


Blogs Help to Build Trust and Rapport with Your Targeted Audience
These days more and more people spend more time researching about a product before they decide to purchase it. Writing and publishing blog posts about your products and services can help your targeted audience with the information they're looking for about it. This is where you get to showcase your knowledge about your products/services and give you that opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your industry.

Your readers will judge by your blog posts how much you know about each of the products and services you sell on your site. So with a well researched and well written blog post, you're going to build up trust in yourself, your brand and the knowledge you have of your products and services etc. On top of this it's also a very good way for your audience and prospective clients and customers to interact with your site and build up relationships with them through comments and replies on those posts.


Blogging Helps to Establish your Brand
When you blog about the products and services within your industry, it starts to make you look knowledgeable and trustworthy. And when people feel like your business is a credible one, they'll be much more likely to purchase from you! Of course, it's very important to create a strong brand for your business anyway, but creating great blog posts can help to establish you as a brand leader! In good time as you keep up adding amazing content pieces to your blog, it can end up becoming a go-to place for your readers to find out about the products and or services they're interested in!


Blogging Can Provide Your Readers with Valuable Content
One of the best things about blogging is that it can be really helpful to your readers. Especially when you write and share content that helps them in some way such as through solving problems or just helping to make something a bit better for them. This can actually drive a lot of traffic to your site when you help people this way with any problems they're having. Not only this but the time you invest in blogging will show your potential clients that you value them too in doing so which they'll value you back for. Having good skills in content writing and marketing are a requisite to your readers getting the most from your blog posts.


Blogs Can Generate Leads for your Website and Business
Other than the benefits to blogging above, one other benefit of one is that it can actually generate good leads to your site and business. When your targeted audiences have a chance to read blog posts about your products etc, will make them much more likely to turn into actual clients. Not to mention that blog posts can be shared online on social media sites etc, which can pull in even more punters to your site too. They're also a great way to build up a database of subscribers for your newsletters too. Newsletters have become used a lot more over the past few years as a tool to get more people reading about your website and business and the products etc that you sell.

For this reason, a blog can be utilized as a way to make it much more appealing for people to join and use your website. And with the help of well researched and well writing content articles, you can not keep your audience up to date on the latest regarding your products and services too. Just bare in mind that it's always a good idea to focus more on providing valuable content as opposed to just trying to convince people to buy from your website. Newsletters should be informative but never pushy!


Your Blog Can Generates Backlinks for your Website
One of the other benefits to owning and maintaining a blog is that it can create and generate backlinks for your site for you. Backlinks are what help to gain authority and high rankings in the Search Engines. This happens when other websites link to your site and blog posts, which are seen in Google's eyes as a recommendation and suggestion to rank your site higher accordingly. So your blog posts are an excellent way to not only gain backlinks from similar sites in your industry, but also as a way to get Google to look favourably at your site from the inbound links it's getting.


Long Term Traffic Source
When you're running a blog on your site and it's heavily optimized like the rest of your site is, your site now has a potential long term traffic source. It doesn't matter if you're running other marketing campaigns outside of your blog, you'll have a guaranteed source of traffic and potential leads for life. And the beauty is, even if you pause other campaigns, the more bloggin' you do, the more traffic you'll get. It really is a no brainer!


Highly Efficient In-house Marketing
Most professional SEO's and digital marketers will usually suggest that you invest in cost-friendly marketing strategies such as starting and maintaining a blog and doing other types of off page and on page SEO. But when a blog is executed properly, both of these things can provide your website and business with free marketing for life. As long as you continue to post high quality blog posts that offer value for your readers, you'll always earn free traffic from them both immediately and later down the line too. Of course, you can always switch up your strategies whilst keeping your SEO campaigns going too.


Potential for New Revenue Streams
Many website blog owners that have built up a large following and audience on their blogs use it as a way to make some extra money from it. You can make use of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns and advertisements by making use of your blog posts to promote, market and advertise other sites you may have. In fact a lot of bloggers that don't make use of PPC ads use their blogs as a way to promote their other products on other sites too. You can even sell blog posts (otherwise known as guest posts) on your site's blog. Not failing to mention you can monetize your blog posts through ads and other formats which can bring in extra revenue for you too!



Starting, running and maintaining a blog on your site sure can have a lot of benefits all round for your site. And since writing a good quality blog post doesn't need to take a long time nor cost and arm and a leg - and you can easily hire writers from all over the place today on a shoe-string budget. It pays to have a blog on your site for these reasons. Anyone not blogging' is just leaving money on the table for those that are!


Author:  IdealMike
Main Service:  50 Million Group Advertising

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