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How Much Should you pay for an SEO Service?

How Much Should you pay for an SEO Service?

So, how much should you be spending on SEO services within Freelance Platforms?

This is a question that often comes up these days, especially by people that are new to SEO and digital marketing and are looking to buy SEO services online. Not everyone in this field (especially those new to the industry) have a lot of knowledge when it comes to SEO and aren't really sure of the value of something and how much they should pay for it. But like anything you purchase you should only do so when you feel absolutely comfortable with it. But how to know if you are?

Like when purchasing anything online, one should ask a number of basic questions first to know whether it's viable or not. These would be thing like; what's your first impression? How well do you know the business or person you're buying from? What is their reputation and client feedback and reviews like? How good is their customer support? And of course, is what they're selling priced reasonably?

Don't buy SEO until you're really ready uncomfortable when it comes to buying an SEO service, you should always feel comfortable with it. First of all, when you're giving your money to a provider for it, special requirements such as needing to sign a contract, or having to pay by a specific schedule, or if you have any questions make sure that the answers you get.

You're happy with, so that you can then move forward without being worried about anything. I recommend you get a contract that specifies the project's outcome, bullet points. Then looking at the consequences or possibilities of those, if the outcomes not met.

Cheap SEO Doesn't Mean Better SEO

As I said before, Remember cheap doesn't always mean better. You have to be aware if someone's selling a $20 SEO service, or even a $200 SEO service. I would say be buyer aware, there's quite a lot of highly skilled SEO providers out there that can give you SEO, a reduced discounted price. A low re price, but half the time most of them don't really know already worth. There's so on really know exactly what they're doing, they're just winging it or being a reseller.

You don't have to pay top dollar for aggressive or affordable quality strategic and experienced SEO services. It's not cheap but it should be reasonable. I like to call them SEO engineers, some SEO' out there who know the concept of SEO and actually pioneer SEO methods, but they don't always follow the rules and the trend.

Most of those top SEO engineers aren't going to be cheap, but can be worth every dollar spent on them. If they're going to provide you with that high quality SEO service. But think about other marketing and advertising platforms and methods like internet advertising, television broadcasting, flyers, leaflets, business cards that kind of thing. Large tradeshow fairs, booth advertising etc. Doing internet marketing and SEO can cost peanuts compared to these types of methods and have a far reaching of audience as well. Some SEO Services can cost up to $5000 to $25,000 depending on what needs to be done. You can even pay more than this for some of them!

Going with a low fee is going to be cheaper but that doesn't make it better. And there's better advertising platforms, so next time, if you think an SEO service costs, just think about the other methods of advertising out there and how much they cost. Of course along with your ROI, which is your return on investment - SEO Services will always come out on top when you compare them against other platforms each time.

Always ask for and look at References, Referrals, Reports & Portfolios

Any SEO provider out there worth their salt is going to be able to provide you with their work. But they should be able to present you with good looking websites, which they performed SEO work on in the past. You can then have a look at these websites and see if they're ranking high. This will give you an idea as to whether their SEO does actually work. You can even do that on your own or actual SEO service providers website itself. They should be able to show you their rankings in search engines as well as some result driven SEO work they've done on a site or across the Web.

It's not always easy to verify information such as references referrals and people's portfolios, etc. You should make some kind of attempt to verify what you can. If an SEO was going to scam you, that's where they would start there with their testimonials, references, etc. For some good verification tips look around online for them which will arm you with the tools & skills necessary to know how to go about doing this.

Of course when it comes to SEO. It's not exactly hard work but that doesn't mean to say that it's easy either. To do quality SEO on your website is going to take time, energy, dedication, technique, method and skills. So not everyone can do SEO, and there is a learning curve to it but anyone can do DIY SEO. But not everyone has the right strategy or method for it to make it work. That's why you usually need to hire an SEO specialist and expert to accomplish it for you. But of course, the question is, how do you know that they're right for you, and you're not overpaying them?

In my opinion, SEO service providers are in high demand these days, and most of them just want to provide you with a professional service, and the quality SEO that matters that you need. It's not possible to identify every shady SEO. Of course there are some shady SEO providers out there. Some greedy ones sell or resell SEO services at an extremely high price.

Good Advice When Purchasing SEO Services

I'm going to give you some good advice, to get a fair and quality SEO service at a fair price and pay the right price for your SEO. First thing you're going to need to do is set a realistic SEO budget. Every person, business, or company has a budget for SEO, marketing, promotion and advertising etc. That doesn't mean that you should use most of it on an SEO service.

Because good quality SEO comes in various shapes and sizes and there are different types of SEO too that can be done for you. And they all have their own unique value, but should also be priced at a reasonably fair and affordable price. Nonetheless, especially for a newbie website owner, you should shop around as well because as they say it pays to shop around. Do some window shopping, do some homework and some online research. Look up other websites selling the same service and compare their prices against each other.

Of course, you might come across some cheap SEO services but as said, cheap doesn't always mean better. And just because an SEO service's price is quite high, it doesn't mean that it's worth it. Don't buy anything or make any purchases until you feel fully comfortable with it. Before you've done this kind of research and ask these questions first. Ask for references, referrals. Check out their portfolio. Ask for sample reports if they have them, that kind of thing.

Try to get a feel for them, the person or the business, and see how they respond to you in their manner to get a feel for how professional they are remember - always have a realistic marketing budget. Set aside a specific budget for your marketing needs. Based on your industry and your projected profits, outcomes, and whatnot. Don't go thinking you can spend a couple of $100 on SEO, and then rank really high in Google overnight, and make money very quickly, it doesn't work like that. It doesn't work like that at all. Not in the real world

If you're trying to get your website ranked the top 10 search results in Google for a specific keyword or search term, it will depend on the search volume and competition for those keywords you're targeting. Even if you do reliable SEO on them doesn't always mean that it will rank you high.

It Pays to Shop Around

So it pays to shop around. When you find the most appealing SEO service that looks right for you. You should compare it against other competitive SEO services that you find online also don't always go for cheap or inexpensive services. But try to aim for effective strategic ones that are actually going to benefit you. It's not all about just getting a cheap service, sometimes you pay peanuts you get monkeys!

Anyone can do SEO today. But not everybody that's going to do it is going to be able to improve their results using SEO services. That's because SEO is all about your technique and your strategy, how you go about it. It's not just about building 1000's of backlinks to your website and then expecting to rank higher overnight. It doesn't work like that, not in the real world and is quite more complicated than that, in fact, that's where you need to have a strategy, a technique and gain a competitive edge on it. So you have to find SEO services that go by this by this principle that will offer you the most strategic roadmap, aimed at your success. Specifically tailored for your needs.

Always ask for progress reports and campaign performance reports. Every ongoing SEO campaign should come with periodic progress and performance reports at the end of the campaign. Whether it's a one-off job or a monthly/yearly thing. Also they might come with performance reports so you can track your website's ranking progress. It's important to track your website's progress for various reasons. Firstly it shows if your SEO is actually doing their job! And secondly it shows whether the SEO that they're doing for you is actually working, or not. Thirdly it shows you how well Search Engines are attributing your SEO in the search results. And last but not least, it shows you just how much progress there is and at what rate you've paid for it.

Overall, just make sure by all means necessary that you stay clear of those disreputable SEO neighbourhoods when you're making online purchases by doing your homework before you commit to buying. Remember what I said how cheap doesn't always mean better. And not all SEO needs to cost an arm and a leg! You have a choice, pay hundreds or thousands to one SEO provider who will get the work done for you with quality results and boost your website's performance. Or pay peanuts to lots of different ones that don't really get the results you're looking for.


Even if an SEO provider can boost your website in the SERP's and increase your exposure and sales by 50%, even if your site doesn't get in the top 10 search results, then that's still a good deal! But this is the effect of those skilful and knowledgeable SEO providers and their services. The only difference between the websites ranking in the top 10 results and yours is that those sites probably have expert SEO providers working for them that fully understand all about SEO itself.

Author:  IdealMike
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