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How to use Instagram to Increase Your Sales on MonsterBacklinks

How to use Instagram to Increase Your Sales on MonsterBacklinks

Fun Facts about Instagram, around 81% of people use it to research services and products. Did you know that? With this knowledge it's no wonder Instagram has created a platform that businesses can benefit from. They have over 74 million more users than they did in 2020, and it's growing massively. And that doesn't look like that is going to stop anytime soon but just carry on getting bigger and bigger. That said, even though the market could be quite saturated in your niche, and all the activity that's going on there, there's still a lot of opportunities out there. You just have to know how to use it properly.

So here we'll go through six steps to show you how to sell your and boost your MonsterBacklinks services on Instagram today.

Step One: Create or convert your personal account into a business profile.

This is the first step. It's very simple, but it's very important to do that. Most people when they get onto Instagram they use us a basic profile and set one up as a page for their business. But if you want to benefit and boost your services on Instagram, you're going to need a business account, there's no other way about it might not look like there's going to be a lot of difference between the two but trust me, a business account is going to give you some benefits, and access to certain tools that you didn't have a personal one.

Some of those benefits here are things like:

  1. The new ad contact buttons, so that your targeted audience, people, buyers etc, can contact you quickly and easily.
  2. External links that you can add to your stories so when people follow you if you've got enough followers you get more traffic to your services that way.
  3. You can set up an Instagram shop, Which is like basically an online store on Instagram.
  4. You get access to Instagram insights as well so you can see what's happening with your traffic where it's coming from, which things are doing well and what not.
  5. You can do advertising and promoted posts on Instagram.

These features will make selling your services on there a lot easier, a guaranteed to get you traffic because there are definitely your targeted people on there that want your services will appeal to them.

If you're using standard personal profile you will need to change it to a business one. Here's how you can do that.

  • Go to the top right hand corner of your profile, and select the settings option.
  • When you're in there look for the account tab and click on that.
  • Now just switch it to a professional one and that's it, that's all you need to do, you're on your way to great success.

Step Two: Set up and optimise your profile, so that it converts.

You want to optimise your profile for conversions. So that you can sell your services on Instagram, those conversions basically are the amount of people that visit your profile, and then do what you want them to do, like, clicking on the link in your stories and visiting your services. Of course, you can't have clickable links in Instagram posts, they can have any hyperlinks in them. So you're not going to be able to get any traffic directly from those posts. However, that said, there are a number of things that you could do to improve your reach and visibility. Let's go over those now.

1. Create a Simple and Relevant Username
Create and have a simple and clear username. One of the most important things on Instagram is your username. It's got to be one that's, you know, clear, catchy and stands out and is easy to remember. Don't go adding special characters to try and make it lit or anything like that, just keep it simple straight and easy. You want to use a name really that's going to reflect your business or your freelance profile and whatnot. But if you use a certain username on Monsterbacklinks or any other place it's probably best to use that!

2. Create a Business Name
A business name is needed. So you're gonna want people to know that they're in the right place, when they come on your page. So you're gonna have to make sure that your business name is also quite simple and clear. You want it to be easily searchable. So when people type it into Instagram as a search it's going to come up. And they're going to be able to see it.

3. Create a Professional Logo
You will need a professional logo that has in it like your brand name or username that it should reflect. You can make a nice logo yourself if you want, and they're quite easy to snap up but you should avoid any sort of really complex ones because you don't get much space for a profile picture. So you want it to standout but be simple and clear.

4. Create a Good, Informative Bio
You need a helpful biography because one of the first things people look at when they come upon your profile isn't just going to be your profile picture or logo, they're actually going to look at your biography, which is considered the prime real estate for you! And so you'll want to make sure that you use it wisely.

This is your business bio not your personal one, so it needs to be about your business and not about you. In here you can say what kind of services that you offer. And then you can put in a CTA, you know, a call to action. And you can put a link in your bio as well so that would be ideally the link to your monster backlink services. That's going to help to increase your conversions. When people are headed in the right direction and follow the CTA.

Some Quick Instagram Business Tips

  1. Do make sure that everything is done set up properly, and all your contact information is clear and concise. There's nothing worse than an uncompleted profile to put people off.
  2. You can include an email address if you want to, or in the CTA ask people to DM you for any inquiries that they may have.
  3. You have to choose the right business category for your services. That's going to help boost how discoverable you are. And it also shows people what you do.
  4. Make sure that you have notifications enabled. That way you can respond quickly to people.

Step Three: Get Posting interactive Instagram Stories

Interactive stories on Instagram, are often engaging an eye catching and they want to be to!

Most people spend around 30 minutes a day on Instagram, minimum, but the majority of that time is just spent, where they're scrolling through people's stories. So that's why you've got to make sure your stories are eye catchy. They should be pleasing, interesting and standoutish. Because you don't want people to just keep swiping next on yours. So you have to make it so that they include things like bright vibrant colours, nice basic interesting text and you can even add in fun animated GIFs or pics etc.

Did you know about Instagram's interactive features also? Did you know you can actually set up a fun quiz about your services, or even create a poll that people can vote in on popular topics related to your service or industry? There's a thing called ask me anything question that you can add. Create one that your followers can interact and answer and this helps you get a bit closer to them. This is how you're going to drum up more business on there by doing that. For some more inspiration check out other creative ideas and instant interactive Instagram stories to get tips and ideas from them.

It's not going to be enough just to post an interesting story every now and then once a while. If you want to stay relevant, you got to be posting pretty much every day. That's going to get you more reach so that you'll get more users, more visitors and more shares of your story, and that is going to make help you gain more followers that are going to be interested in ordering buying your services. If you find that you've got a story that's picked up and gained quite a bit of traction on it, you can add that as a highlight on your profile. That way your followers can always come back to it whenever they want to.

Step Four: Instagram Reels

Something you should be a part of right now are Instagram Reels. This is an amazing new feature on Instagram and it's going to help you sell your services. Instagram reels are very popular. Not surprising when you look up how Instagram reels are so very easy to make. You can add things like filters and also audio to it too.

There's no doubt about using reels, is an awesome way to highlight and sell your services without having to use ads or anything. And they reach a global audience too. So if you're a creative person and you're consistently posting them. No doubt you're going to attract millions of users that look at them on a daily basis. Sometimes, you may find that your reel goes viral. You could even turn into an overnight sensational success!? That's mainly down to the fact it is quite a new feature right now. And Instagram a choice a meat market is much as they possibly can. So their algorithm is actually going to be working in your benefit here when you use it so do it!

Step Five. The Gold 80/20 Rule

There's a golden 80/20 rule and you should make sure you follow it. When it comes to selling your services on Instagram to people, it's all about actually engaging with your followers. First of all, the best way we find to do that is to follow an 80/20 rule when it comes to everything that you post on there. Make it so that around 80% of the content you post is stuff that's actually useful to your followers, things that would you educate them or entertain them and provide a solution to their problems etc, that kind of thing. And then the other 20% of the posts you make are the ones that are going to be promoting your services. This is pretty much a perfect ratio, you could probably go 70/30 at a push. But don't make your followers think you're just being pushy when no one likes a pushy seller.

Most people who use Instagram are just scrolling through it to find something, whether it's for fun, entertainment purposes. Or something to do with business coming on to look for something to help their business grow and succeed. And for that particular reason that's why most of the content you post should actually fulfil that need. Just bare this in mind and it will help you succeed.

So instead of just posting all your services, try to aim to add value into the lives of your followers, and with the other 20% of content. They are going to be more likely to use your services, because they know you're not somebody who's just posting loads of business stuff. Nothing engaging. Nobody wants to buy from someone like that. Unless their services are really really great. Are yours?

Step Six: It's all about the #hashtags!

It's all about the hashtags, and you got to make sure you're using them properly to get a better chance to sell your products and services. You can do so without having spending any money whatsoever on ads, when it comes to this hashtags are the answer. When people get on Instagram, to look and search for a certain product or service or something, they often will use hashtags for this, because they help people narrow down all those posts that are related to the leads that they're looking for. So when it comes to Instagram and selling your services on them, you're going to make sure you need to put hashtags within all of your content, whether it's going to be any of your posts, your stories or your reels. And when it comes to them, the golden rule here is that less is more.

You can put up to 30 hashtags per post on Instagram, but I wouldn't recommend doing that and you don't have to use them all. Just make sure that you focus on the important ones, the ones that are relevant to your posts and services. Don't forget when it comes to hashtags, they're like keywords so it can be quite rewarding to go for those low hanging fruit hashtags, and also use those long tail hashtags as well. They might not get as many searches, but not as many people use them. And if you're using them in your services, your posts, your people are going to be finding them through that.

Example, say for instance you are selling SEO services which you probably are, you'll be wanting to use hashtags like #SEO #promotion #websitetraffic #promotewebsite, that kind of thing. And these are going to help to get you a bit more noticed. But at the same time you don't want to overdo it and swamp your posts with too many hashtags like that, just something to consider.

Now for some what not to do tips when you're selling your services on Instagram today.

You know what shadow banning is? Shadow banning is when Instagram just basically stops your content from appearing in feeds to people. It will show for you but nobody else. Basically shadow banning is only really going to happen to accounts that don't follow the rules all the way and try and take shortcuts to success. This happens through things like when people buy views, likes, shares and followers for their account, or use those like4like or follow4follow types of sites and Instagram doesn't like it if they find out you've been doing that they will shadow ban your ass!

It can be a slow process when you're growing your Instagram account. But you shouldn't take shortcuts either as they don't really help and they won't benefit you at all in the long run. The best thing to do is focus on strategies that can help you to make the most of selling your services on there and make the most of growing your audiences and selling your services to them.

Conclusion and final thoughts.

Instagram is looking hot right now when it comes to selling your MonsterBacklinks services because of these new features. And if you're doing it correctly like this, your services are going to definitely sell, and your business on there can only just grow and succeed if you follow these tips and tricks above. Make sure that you know what to do and of course what not to do. And you can't go wrong.

Author:  IdealMike
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