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How to Promote and Market Yourself as a Freelancer on MonsterBackLinks

How to Promote and Market Yourself as a Freelancer on MonsterBackLinks

You can forge a very lucrative career for yourself as a freelancer. However to be one that earns thousands per year from it can depend on how you market and promote yourself online. It may seem like a frighteningly daunting task to market yourself enough to earn big freelancing but it doesn't have to be as frightening and as difficult as you think.

One of the biggest parts of marketing your freelance profile is establishing yourself on social media sites first. But that doesn't always mean you have to be constantly doing it. One good way to show you're an expert in your industry (even if you're not) is to post YouTube tips n' tricks videos that show and teach people how to do certain things. You could even just post cool or fun YouTube videos just so your targeted audience and clients get to know about you more. However there are many more ways in which you can promote and market yourself as a freelancer today!


Tips on Branding Your Freelance Services

When it comes to freelancing, it's important to know how to go about branding yourself. It's all good marketing and promoting yourself, but you'll need a good brand to start with else there's not going to be much to market yourself with! For this reason, before we begin, let's talk about some tips and ideas to help you better establish your freelancing profile or brand.

At first you will want to think about choosing a certain style about yourself. This style will want to reflect who you are. For example; are you looking to be simple and professional or much more fun and creative? Think about the style you'll want to present yourself as before anything else as it shows a glimpse of who you are as a freelancer or brand.

Your freelance profile or business brand will need a unique logo that represent you or that brand which people can come to recognize and be familiar with across all the platforms that you use. So for this reason you'll want to create one that represents you and your brand. You can either make one yourself or get someone on to make one for you.

Whether it's selling your sense of humour or your own unique style of getting things done, think of this when creating your brand and logo as you'll want to let your personality shine out from it! Be sure to remain consistent across all of the platforms that you use so that your targeted audience can recognize you and your business's voice and face across each of them.


8 Ways to Promote and Market Yourself as a Freelancer on MonsterBacklinks Today

Here we'll talk about 10 of the best ways I know of that can help you to market and promote your freelance services today. There are many different ways and methods out there other than these ones presented here, and many other platforms you can make use of to help with that. Not all of them may work for you, but don't be afraid to try them out and see which ones do work for you! Oftentimes to get the best results you'll need to adopt several of these methods together. So let's get started on these strategies so you can start getting more clients, orders and sales on MBL!


1. Make Use of Social Media More

If you want to get noticed and stay noticed, you'll need to establish a good social presence on social media sites. However you'll need to do this properly to make sure you keep getting and staying noticed. Most social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & YouTube etc are very highly saturated. That said there is still a massive potential to reach your targeted audience on there.

At first you should consider using the right site based on the type of service you intend to sell. This is generally because some sites are better suited to selling certain types of services. As an example of what I mean, if you're intending on providing freelance content writing services you should probably use Twitter and Instagram. Facebook is good for finding people who need this too but probably more suited for selling actual SEO and SMM services.

You don't have to be an expert in using these platforms but you'll need to learn to find your way around and the best way to navigate and use them to their maximum potential. You'll need to familiarize yourself with the features that each platform offers to get the most out of them. For Facebook you can use stories where as for Instagram you can use reels and or video posts.

Check out our last blog post How to use Instagram to Increase Your Sales on MonsterBacklinks for more great ideas!


2. Blogging

If you have an actual website that you're using to provide your services on then blogging on that site has a lot of benefits for your it. Just read our last blog post on 9 Benefits of Blogging for Your Website to learn what those benefits could be. By blogging on your website, you're not only creating more content that Google will index and rank which will pull in more clients, but will show your targeted audience that you know what you're talking about and are an expert in your industry which will result in gaining peoples confidence in your services.

You can start a blog very easily however, coming up with content ideas for it might not be so easy off the top of your head. That said you can find many blog content ideas out there if you just look around. Some cool and interesting blog post ideas to start with much include such things as:

  • The kinds of things that your business helps people with.
  • What some of your greatest achievements are.
  • Some of your best lessons that you've learned.
  • Any interviews you've had with other brands.
  • The success stories you've had back from your clients.

Just make sure that what you blog about is helpful and informative and allows your targeted audience and potential clients to get in on the conversation by turning on and allowing comments on your blog posts. And of course don't forget that you need to share your blog posts on your social media profiles and platforms. Which can result in more traffic back to your site and services.


3. YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube is an excellent resource for promoting and marketing yourself online today and anyone, any freelancer not making use of it is just leaving money on the table for those that do! And it's not exactly very hard to use YouTube is it! Especially if you're just watching videos on it since all you have to do is click the play button. But making videos and uploading them onto it is a bit of a different matter altogether.

You'll either have to learn to make your own videos which you can then upload to your own channel (as well as use them in other places too like in your site's blog posts etc). Or you can just hire someone to make them for you. You can of course find many freelance sites around which you can hire a video specialist to make them for you. Prices range from $5 to $500 depending on the type of video you want made for you.

Once your video is made and uploaded to YouTube, you'll need to share that video on your social media profiles and pages etc. And you can further promote and SEO it even more through the use of other freelancers services on freelance sites like MonsterBacklinks!


4. Guest Posting

Guest posts are blog posts you've written which another website in your niche posts on their blog instead. This can help you to drive traffic back to your site from the links within those posts. This doesn't have to be very hard or technical to do this at all. At the very least you'll just need to compile a list of websites within your niche and the make contact with them and ask them if you can write for their blog.

Writing guest posts for other sites in your niche is a fantastic way to not only drive targeted traffic back to your site which has your services on it, but also a great way to help your site rank up higher in the Google SERPs as well! You should always try to form a professional relationship with the owners of such sites in your niche and offer up ideas on collaborating together also. This can be a fun way to get more exposure for yourself and your services.


5. Use Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a very effective way to market yourself as a freelancer today. But you'll need a website with an email subscription form to start collecting and emailing people. You should offer people incentives and reasons to subscribe to you though! You can offer people things like free resources, ebooks and guides you've made and of course discount codes too!

When you have built up an email list you can then send out periodic emails to them to keep them coming back to your website and any new services that you're selling. You should always make sure never to send too many emails though and always try to offer something of value within them when they read them else you may find people unsubscribing faster than they subscribed in the first place!


6. Use Your Own Network

If you're just starting out as a freelancer online today, it's a good idea to connect with those people that are already within your circle. That could either be family and friends or work colleagues to let them know about your profile and services that you provide. Think about putting out a post across all the social media platforms that you use since some of those people may actually need your services anyway.

One other way to gain more work is to contact those clients you've already done work for if you have already. Especially if they have given you a positive rating and feedback for services rendered. Reach out to them and let them know you're looking for more work. Tell them how much you enjoyed working on their service for them and with them as that will make them feel appreciated and more likely to hire you again for more work too.


7. Use MonsterBacklinks Itself

Other than being a great place for freelancers to buy and sell digital marketing based services on, the MonsterBacklinks community provides lots of great ways to further promote their services.

These opportunities could be things like:

  • Being able to network with other freelancers in the same industry as you.
  • Being able to engage with your clients and customers.
  • Being able to learn new skills so you can sell more services.
  • Discovering new niches within your niches industry.


8. Get More Reviews

Reviews are a sure fire way to command trust and respect in yourself and the services you provide. Reviews are one of the main things that people look at before they buy and order your service. And people will be much more likely to actually buy your service(s) if they are rated highly with positive ratings and feedback from past clients.

So always make sure to ask people to leave a feedback for the service provided to them and always respond to people's feedback that they've left you. Another good thing to do is follow them up a short time after to find out if they mind telling you about what they found most enjoyable working with you and the service they purchased. If they say that they're happy with it and have a express something positive about it you may just be able to bag another order from them!


Conclusion and Takeaway

If you want to have a profitable freelance business, you're going to have to know how to market and promote yourself as one. This list is not an exhaustive one, and there are many other ways to get yourself out there and establish an online presence for yourself. The best thing to do is start with a platform that resonates with you and where your targeted audience is. Just think about adopting any one or more of these methods here and watch as your clientele list grows and grows!

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