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10 Advantages of Affiliate Marketing for Digital Marketers Today

10 Advantages of Affiliate Marketing for Digital Marketers Today

Imagine this: you wake up at your own leisure in your own time and to no alarm clock. Have a coffee and open your emails to read that you've made more sales overnight while you was sleeping. And see your online affiliate earnings increasing more and more every day. What could be better than that? It's a great feeling and it's why we do it!

Affiliate marketing can be an extremely good and very lucrative thing to get into. Especially if you're doing affiliate marketing on a site like MonsterBackLinks! The affiliate (you) can get your affiliate link promoted, marketed and advertised online, (or even offline), and then sell more of your services on here or even make an affiliate commission from selling other peoples. It's a win win!

So through affiliate marketing, you can sell your products or services and make even more sales from doing it which will generate and earn you even more cash. All from the comfort of your own home or where ever you are doing it from. All without any of the stresses and hassles that come with running your own business and company as you don't need one to do affiliate marketing at all.

Since people can buy products and services online without any kind of trouble at all (at usually just a few clicks of their mouse), affiliate marketers and networks alike can make big profits through doing it. And since it's really not that hard to do at all, and you can learn so much about doing it (like this article will explain), let's look at 10 advantages to doing affiliate marketing today.

Remember, these are advantages and not necessarily methods. However you should be able to gleam some tips from this which you can apply in your own affiliate marketing endeavours also.


1: Affiliate Marketing Is Very Easy To Do and Also FREE!

You don't need to have an extensive background or business degrees in marketing knowledge to do it or even sign up to any number of different affiliate marketing systems and programs out there. You wont have to spend a bomb in costs either maxing out your credit card or depleting your bank account to do it either. All that you have to do is join up to an affiliate program like the MonsterBackLinks one here for example, and then start marketing and promoting your affiliate link and or services and that's pretty much all there is to it!

In most cases when it comes to being an affiliate for something, there is no cost to market, promote and advertise it. All that you need is an account and the link or links to promote that people see and click on and carry out the task involved that earns you a commission from it. Your only real cost will be anything you spend on promoting it but you can do many things for free anyway.


2: Easy To Manage Affiliate Resources

With most affiliate marketing programs today, they provide you with the things you'll need to actually market them. These include things like banners and logos, email swipes and product reviews etc. A good affiliate marketing system will provide you with a wealth of material that you can use without having to create any of it yourself! But other than this, the true beauty in it is that you wont ever have to send out any stock yourself or ever deal with clients or customers either. You'll just be forwarding them to the company or offer you're promoting as an affiliate and they'll do all of them themselves. That means you can focus and concentrate on just promoting the offers to your targeted audiences.


3: You Can Do It Working From Home

When doing affiliate marketing, you can do it from the comfort and convenience of your own home, even sitting in your pyjamas if you want to! It's not like you even have to get up early and slog it to work no matter what the weather is like. No need to join the rat race every day even if it's raining outside or the roads are jammed full of traffic. It really can be a put your feet up kind of job that you can comfortably in your own time, all while sitting on your bum!


4: All You Have To Do Is Make Sales

As an affiliate marketer you wont have to do any things like take the orders yourself or keep and carry any inventory or stock around, make and send invoices and chase people up for them or handle any kind of packaging or send anything out to people. Let alone handle any returns or refunds or provide any kind of after sales support. All that you'll need to do is keep driving visitors to your affiliate links. And with a wealth of ways to go about doing that out there today you can't really go wrong in any way by doing it either.


5: You Wont Have To Play Customer Service Agent

As the affiliate for some kind of of system or program, your main job is going to be just pushing and promoting that itself. You'll never have to do any kind of customer service stuff to those people who buy the products or services you're promoting. If there are any kinds of issues with the service or product you're an affiliate of, those will be dealt with by the people who are behind it and not you yourself. After you have made a sale via whatever platform or medium you used to generate it, any complaints or issues are handled by the customer service resources centre of that product/service.


6: You Can Work Anywhere You Want To

Just like number 3, in that you can do affiliate marketing working from the comfort of your own home. You can also do it anywhere you want to provided you have an Internet connection. So whether that's from a mobile tablet device to a laptop that you have. You can literally make an earning for yourself from it wherever you are in the world by just using your computer. You could even do it from your smartphone as well. Many people do lots of tasks from their phone only albeit these are usually smaller things compared to the types of stuff you would need to do on your computer for it.


7: You Can Be Flexible In Your Strategy

Most affiliate networks are very flexible and not too strict in their terms and conditions of the things you can do to promote and market their services or products. This means you can be very flexible with the marketing techniques and methods that you can use. As the affiliate marketer, you'll have the freedom to pick and choose the things you want to do to do so. Like coming up with your own methods or objectives. Not to mention being able to do it all when you feel like you want to do it.


8: You Can Generate Multiple Sources Of Income

The opportunity for generating large amounts of passive income from affiliate marketing is what makes it so interesting and popular among many people today. If you have the time and know how (and even if you don't have that much know how you can always learn easily enough online anyway), you can promote many different types of products or services through other affiliate networks or programs to grow your gains through the commissions that you make.


9: You Can Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Site

If you make use of high quality articles on your site, whether you write them yourself or hire and get someone else to write them for you, if they are of good quality and the people who find and read them think so to, as well as the search engines, you'll be able to drive high quality targeted traffic to your site from these. What's more if make those articles super helpful to people in some way, and you use catchy CTA's (Call To Actions) within the articles, people will click on the links within them and be more likely to purchase the product/service that link out from them.


10: There Are Many Things You Can Do

There are literally hundreds of different things you can do to promote your affiliate site or services upon that site. That means the sky is the limit when it comes to the ways, methods and techniques there are out there that you can adopt and use in your own way to drive more quality traffic to your website and its landing pages and offers. One only needs to do a quick Google search for things like "affiliate marketing methods" or "how to do affiliate marketing" and you'll find literally thousands of thousands of websites and articles packed full of great info that can help you that is just a few clicks away!



These are 10 advantages to affiliate marketing for affiliate marketers to learn from. Although there are some very skilled and experienced marketers out there, and this article would be more helpful to the newbie ones, even those ace ones could probably learn a thing or two from this. We just hope that it gives you the inspiration to continue in your efforts to make money from affiliate marketing today!


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