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What is The Future of Digital Marketing and SEO for 2021+

What is The Future of Digital Marketing and SEO for 2021+

Make any kind of mention about digital marketing today and you'll be reminded about all of the changes that take place within the industry right now. We're almost at the end of 2021 and the COVID-19 crisis has caused digital marketers to constantly be looking out for new methods strategies and tactics they can use to gain customers for their services websites, etc.

But according to industry experts. 2021 is the year that the industry starts removing all of the useless. Dead marketing methods and strategies and takes on the new technologies that can help them gain more customers and boost ourselves. So this article. What is the future of digital marketing 2021+ is going to shed some light on the concept.


Shoppable Posts

All around the world COVID-19 pandemic has brought in never before seeing problems when it comes to social distancing and lock downs. So people are now looking for easier ways to shop online, without going the city and into stores etc. So digital marketers have come up with this amazing idea and concept called shoppable posts.

The way shoppable posts work is that when somebody visits a social media platform, they'll come across one of these shoppable posts which would be a product or a service that has a link available in it for them to click on. People will find it much easier to click on the link and then buy the product and or opt in for the product or service that's there. As an example of what I mean, it could be a clothing brand, you can use to attract customers with, or even a digital marketing product. A lot more brands and companies are now following the trend and shoppable posts are expected to become the future of digital marketing methods that are used to boost your marketing campaigns with.


Programmatic Advertising

As a digital marketer, you may find it's quite tough to place advertisements on all the places and channels and platforms etc that provide you with valuable information when it comes to those products and services that are seen by your targeted audience. So programmatic advertising can help to solve this tough challenge by offering people personalised advertisements on their favourite media platforms and channels based on what their interests or behaviour is.

Such companies that using programmatic advertising nowadays, would be companies like Expedia for the tourism industry, Build Direct for home improvements and AirAsia which is an airline company. You could call programmatic advertising the future of digital marketing, simply because it actually focuses on the share of attention, that people have, and makes way for a better advertising campaign all round. It also gives you a much better ROI on your interactive content.

Any good digital marketer worth their salt today are always going to be looking on how to retain the loyalty of their customers for their company, by using different various methods. It's one thing to get your customers to shop on your site and buy from you, It's another to get them involved with interactive things such as polls, quizzes, signing up for gift vouchers newsletters and more. So digital marketers can face quite hard time when it comes to creating content not only in words, but also in design as well.

So, your posts on social media and your website, shouldn't just only target your targeted audiences well and interests them, but it also needs to outsmart the competition, too. You need to make sure that the content matches your brand and objective of your organisation. If you are to appeal to people with that kind of interactive content.


Voice Search

There used to be a time when people who purchased from E-commerce sites were mainly above 25 years of age only. However cut to the present day now, even kids and teenagers have become regular users of online shopping sites. And a lot of these now are purchasing products and opting in to buy products via search method instead with IOT (Internet Of Things), homes and apartments being more popular within the households these days. You'll find a lot of digital marketers and content managers and very busy, and making sure that their website and products and services are optimised for voice friendly searches.

This is something you'll need to do as well if you want to get a slice of this pie in the future. You'll have to focus not just on those short tail keywords, but on the long tail keywords too, and also need to have a good knowledge of your target audiences interests and behaviours.


Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been used to promote products and services since the 40s by movie stars on television, and the radio. Yet influencer marketing stands apart from anything else. Anyone who has a lot of followers on their social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook etc is going to be eventually approached by bigger brands to promote their markets and services.

The only issue nowadays is that most of the general public are more aware that these multinational conglomerate corporations are paying these influentials large amounts of money to do that. So there becomes this kind of corporate distrust, where the targeted audience or your followers will make a decision based on the actual products credibility itself. However influencer marketing is expected to stay grounded for the next foreseeable future. And it's going to play a very important role in the digital marketing era.



Yes, there are other technologies out there that play a very important role in digital marketing, such as artificial intelligence chatbots augmented reality and virtual reality, etc. But here we have focused on these four within this article. In years to come, digital marketers out there will have to make use of these emerging technologies within their methods and strategies. Not only so you can reach your target audience, much better, but also act smart your competitors to, hopefully, this article shed some light on the future of digital marketing. Based on these new trends which are now make use of these things like shoppable posts, and programmatic advertising. And these marketing strategies will always evolve and emerge as time goes on, and will change in the future. As new ones come out. That said, we hope you find these ones, helpful, and adopt them within your own digital marketing strategies.

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