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We're looking for a blogger!

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We're looking for a blogger!

Calling all Bloggers!

We are in search of a quality writer who can get some content done for our blog.

If you've checked out blog you will know that it needs some TLC!

What we're looking for and need in a writer
  1. Experienced Writers: We're looking to bring on 2-5 writers who have plenty of experience.
  2. Native/Fluent English: Each writer should be native/fluent in English.
  3. Quality Content: 1,000+ words of unique content that was not created using software or spun (we will be checking).
  4. Workload: We are asking for 2+ posts per week. If you can commit to more that's awesome!
  5. SEO knowledge: We require that our writers understand how to optimize content without making it look generic.
  6. SEO analysis: We require that our writers know what keywords are easier to rank for and which ones will take a while.
  7. Readability: Each piece of content needs to be written for the reader, not the search engines, and still be optimized.
Example of a well written blog post by IdealMike
9 Benefits of Blogging for Your Website

What you'll get in return
  1. Category Feature: We will feature your service within the category it is listed if you can produce 2-5 quality articles each week.
  2. Homepage Feature: We will feature your service on the homepage and your category if you can produce 10+ quality articles each week.
  3. Link to Your Service: You will be able to link to your service or profile page, here on MBL, at the bottom of each blog post you create.
  4. MBL Writer: You can link to your blog posts and show all your potential customers that you're a hand selected writer for our marketplace.

What you can expect in the future
  1. Pay Per Post: 1-2 of the bloggers/writers will be offered a paid position and still benefit from the homepage/category feature.
  2. Larger Client Base: You will fast track your customer acquisition and notice more repeat buyers.

Open a support ticket at and let us know!

Your support ticket title should be "I LOVE WRITING" if you want to be considered.
Because it shows that you actually read to the bottom and can follow simple rules ;)

Thanks <3