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Can you do seo for google images ?

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Can you do seo for google images ?

I want to ask something about SEO for google.images...

I have a image based website and my traffic comes from google.images .com , , etc.

My question is, what can I do to optimize a site that has mostly images and little text?


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Hello Btech.Optimizing your images on website is essential, same as everything else. Optimizing images is done by putting key keywords in image name, in alt tags and in image titles. Here is similar discussion and here you can see how to optimize images on you WordPress blog with nice plugin.

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Hi Betch for search engine image optimization very necessary. Anwebservice already gave you idea. You must to optimize your image for search ranking by several ways. I just give you some point what you need to do at first. Use small image which is better for loading and give your side speed up. Beside, Use unique image and do not use copy image any way. Because Google do not rank multiple copies image. And write correct name on your image, which is simple and and easy to searching and it should be relevant. And most importance for search engine use ALT tag for your image and title tag too.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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Most important things for image optimization

  • Alt tag
  • Keyword in Alt tag
  • Optimize Image size
  • Image Title
  • No. of images per page

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Yes image optimization is very important. It will help your site do much better from an SEO point of view. Just as you need to optimize the content, you also need to optimize the images in your site. Here are some tips you can use:

  1. Make sure you name your images in a descriptive and keyword rich manner.
  2. Optimize the Alt tabs
  3. Show multiple angles of your product in different images.
  4. Try to keep file size to a minimum so that the visitor does not wait too long for the image to load.
  5. PNGs are a good alternative, but JPEGs are surely the best option.
  6. Use image sitemaps.

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i think when we upload photo especially in wordpress or blogspot, we can set alt tag, title for optimization..

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I think people can do the SEO for the images. But the thing is that you have to properly make use of the image text. You have to make such keywords into the images. I think google images take a lot of time to properly setup. People make use of the keywords and ranking them. I have found shutterstock using those tactics. And they are showing their images on the google search. I personally don't think it's possible to make use of the google images but if some people do then they are coming for copying images and not for the website traffic.

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Based on what I had read in discussions related to this topic, the keyword that you tag the image is the most important. Perhaps you can add more keywords to improve the chances of your site’s link in the search engine ranking. You can also add more text so you can inject some more keywords. Besides, more contents means a good way of increasing the SEO capability of your web page.

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