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Can you resell seoclerks services outside internet?

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Can you resell seoclerks services outside internet?

How can I resell Monster Backlinks services in offline way outside the Internet in real world. Is there any method ?


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You can always try and make flyers and distribute them in your town or neighborhood . Make sure to target potential business that may need online services.

Though I'm not sure how could you "resell" services outside the internet. Maybe you can offer services other sellers are already selling here but you make the price bigger and outsource them for a commission.

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Wait, there is a place outside of the Internet? Where is this real world that you speak of!? I've been in the matrix for so long now days can fly by and I sometimes forget which world I'm in! Can you resell seoclerks services outside internet?

Seriously though, if you mean offline, then yes absolutely you can! Whether your own services or someone else's as an affiliate. Just take a walk down your local high street with a pen and paper and brain storm! I could easily identify many ways in which the shops and the shoppers using that high street could benefit from Monster Backlinks in someway! For example, most local shops need advertising. And this new fandangled thing they call "The Internet" and "Social Media" is something they need to be a part of just to survive today. What with all the SEO and SMO services on here you could easily probably pitch to. Small stores that are competing against the giants. If you pitch it right, talk to the right person on the right day at the right time in the right way. You could probably snag a few sales!

Here's what I've been thinking about doing. Literally printing off some of the biggest most popular services that sell on here. For things like SEO, SMO etc. Then creating a portfolio or even a magazine from them and putting all my contact and payment details on the back. That way they can contact you to make the payment and you just order the service and collect the profits whatever your margin is.

That's something I've been thinking about doing. In just scouting my local area's high street shops, pubs and clubs. Start off in your own town at first, then go to another town and so on every day handing out these magazines or brochures of services on here. Leave your business card or something if you can to and make use of a QR code that has your affiliate link in it printed on the magazine or your business card etc so when they scan it, it takes to them to Monster Backlinks but via your affiliate link.

That's just thinking off the top of the my head! There's so many other ways to sell Monster Backlinks services offline.

Car bumper stickers?
Flyer and leaflet dropping?
Shop window advertising?
Leave business cards on bars and tables in pubs, clubs, restaurants etc?

Loads of ways to think of when you put your mind to it.

What else can you add?

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Yeah of course, you can resell any online service that you want to offline word. Simply find a place in your town and set up your own things, or maybe you can do that from home too, but that would need a lot of promotion via business cards or flyers if you want to achieve something good with it.

However, a small shop would be perfect to sell those services, as it will make you look professional and trustworthy.

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I am finding a lot of people interested in what I do and I get a lot of questions from people about online marketing. I have even been approached by some people in my area about doing their online marketing for them, however I just don't have the time available to do this!

Now that I find out I can get affiliate income from Monster Backlinks I am kicking myself for all the opportunities I missed out on. I had someone contact me to ask if I would do content writing for his business and I declined because I can't keep up with writing for my own websites. I could have sent him an email with an affiliate link in.

Yes I think there is loads of opportunity offline too. Not a lot of people know how to go about online marketing and when people know that is the industry that you are in then you have a great chance to either resell services or refer them to great sellers here and earn affiliate income. Just get their email address and email them some referral links to people that you recommend.

That is what I am going to be doing!

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