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Can Google Detect Translated Content as Duplicate Content?

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Can Google Detect Translated Content as Duplicate Content?

Hello all if you translate some content from one language, into another, will Google see that content as duplicate content, even though it's in a different language?

I ask as I'm thinking of translating some of my services into other languages. But I'm just wondering whether or not Google will see that other content in another language and then see it as a duplicate version of the original.

Or does how it's in another language mean that it can't be duplicate content since the words are different words? Even though they're in a different language.

Some words translated, although they would be a different word, would still be the same word, only in another language. If you know what I mean!?

So does Google consider converted text as completely new and unique text, or does it just see it as converted text and then still consider it as duplicate content?

What do you think about this? Have you ever considered it?

Would love to get some feedback on this one to know what your thoughts are.




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Oh my word Mike, what an interesting train of thought. I honestly don't know the answer to this but I would think that no, it would not be duplicate content.

I would love to hear what everyone else thinks.

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I was thinking that too! I was going to translate my site into Spanish and French. But I gave up on the idea and installed the Google translator widget on my blog. It was easier.

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Great question! Well from my experience, and research it seems that Google doesn't detect it as duplicate content. If you go to Alexa, and find the top 100 websites, and click on translated version of the site they don't use no "noindex", or other such meta tags. Also, you can find thousands of search results of duplicated translated content via Google from the same websites. I'm thinking if the translated content was on a single domain, and had content in multiple languages then this could effect the SEO rankings and may penalize you. However, this could also be because those websites are top websites, and Google may add a filter to where they don't penalize them. Try it out and see what happens, then post the results in a new discussion?

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Thank you for asking this question. I had thought about translating some of my articles into both Spanish and French. Although, duplicate content was not my concern because I was not going to publish it at one of my sites. At any rate, I forgot about the idea and just thought of it again when you reminded me via this question.

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It depends on what kind of translation is there. I think Google can catch the translated content has duplicate content if the translation is done through an automated tool. However, if it is human translation and has high readability score, then I don't think Google will know the content as translated content.

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Pardon me for this comment but I don’t think a translated content will be tagged by Google as duplicate. If I will be the one to translate an article, I’m sure that I will be using my own words and sentence construction. Most probably, I would toss in some idiomatic expressions. In that case how would Google say that it’s a duplicate? Maybe if you will use a software to translate your content, I believe that it can be assessed as a duplicate if the same software will be used to analyze it.

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