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Increase your sales with offline marketing in a different way.

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Increase your sales with offline marketing in a different way.

When it comes to making money, we always have to think a little outside of the box when it comes to obtaining new clients. Today people will only look for you if they needs something, but how can we exactly get them to come to us without them knowing they want what we have... Get your business in front of them! Now that's MUCH easier said than done, but I'm here to help you out a bit. I encourage you to expand on these ideas and come back to share your findings, good or bad Increase your sales with offline marketing in a different way.

So when it comes to online marketing you can always buy an ad on a website which will increase the chances of you getting a sale, but it doesn't always work out in the end. You can also set up a PPC campaign on Adwords, Bing ads and facebook ads but if you don't know what you're doing you could lose everything pretty quickly. Another thing with PPC campaigns is that people are already looking for what you're selling and that's not who we're targeting, we want people who aren't looking for you but are willing to pay you lol Increase your sales with offline marketing in a different way.

So how does this work exactly?

Offline Marketing
When it comes to Marketers making money online they tend to forget that their are people outside of their house who go shopping lol. If you can find out where these people are shopping, you can increase your chances of increasing your sales. Now I'm not talking about the general population because that's just spreading a very wide net and you won't have the greatest conversion rates. What you'll want to do is get targeted when it comes to offline marketing. If you're making some jewelry and you're selling it online, you can try to partner up with a bunch of privately owned boutiques that are popping up everywhere and either get your items in their store. Now this might not work because you will technically be their competition, but you'll never know until you ask.

One of the best ways I've seen to work well is handing out coupons. The coupon doesn't even have to be anything crazy, it could be 10% off or some kind of BOGO offer, as long as you get it in someones hands you will increase your chances of making a sale. The best way of doing this is to partner up with a company that does not sell your product and have them hand out your coupons. I've seen that a 10% off coupon with a specific code for the shop you're partnered with will work best. You will give XX% of the sale to the company handing out your coupons, I usually do 5% to 10% depending on the item, and they will be more likely to do business with you Increase your sales with offline marketing in a different way. You will need a good tracking system in place prior to running something like this because they businesses that are handing out your coupons want to know their referrals are being tracked well and you're not just writing them down on a piece of paper. The beauty of this is that depending on the amount of traffic a business is getting, you can haggle the percentage they will earn and the percentage off per item. Larger businesses getting 100's of customers a day will likely take a lower percentage since they have a higher chance of getting a sale while lower trafficked businesses will want the highest percentage possible because there is a lower chance of getting a sale.

Partnering Up
If you're willing to do this, you can partner up with businesses around your area, or all over the country, in order to generate sales. Usually the partner will want a higher percentage profit per item since they are sending you any traffic they can. Sometimes this seems like an affiliate partner but they will actually get a lot more out of it since you could possibly have to sign over a percentage of your company.

I'm not a huge fan of this method, but it does work because some companies get a lot of traffic and won't want to hand out your coupons (from the above method) unless you're partnering up and signing over a percentage of your shares. If your business model is good and the product is great, the partner will likely be interested. The only time I've seen that a partner like this is not interested is when they have a similar product they are partnered with or they create themselves.

Blanket Marketing
When it comes to marketing, you'll want to get as targeted as possible. The only time you don't need to get super targeted is when you are selling a product that anyone can use or needs. Think of it as a water company selling bottled water to anyone that passes on the street. These people need water in order to survive, so they'll likely purchase some if the price is right. Now I'm not telling you to go out there and sell water, but you should get the idea lol. You can hand out flyers, do the coupon trick or even do door hangers. Blanket marketing is basically you getting out the word to as many people as possible, so it's really up to you and what you feel more comfortable doing.

A few ideas that work well with blanket marketing:
  1. Maid Services
  2. Lawn Care Services
  3. Computer Repair
  4. Car Services (Oil Change, Repairs, Tune Ups)
  5. General Products (something small that everyone has)

When you're doing some blanket marketing you need to know this will not work well for digital services. Now you can promote a website on your flyers, coupons, pamphlets, etc. but make it a secondary way of contacting you since people will likely want to just give you a call after they read your info.

Conventions or Events
With a large amount of people attending conventions and events for specific markets, you can pull in a lot of sales if you market right Increase your sales with offline marketing in a different way. Sometimes you will have to get a booth at these conventions or events and that could be pretty expensive. You could also just get a banner placement at these get togethers and make sure it's in a good placement in order to be seen a lot. On the banner you'll have to get the point across pretty quick and also add a discount code so people are willing to check out your website. I've sen plenty of banners that just have "Join us at (Website Here) for more (bland info)" and I always think "Well that's not going to convert!" lol. Banner advertising works best when you offer any sort of discount and it doesn't matter if you're advertising online or offline, it works.

In Conclusion:
You'll need to think outside of the box when it comes to marketing and making more sales. You can give away discounts, partner up with businesses in your niche or do some blanket marketing. Each has it's own strengths for specific products and they also have huge downsides if you do it wrong. I would never just jump into something like this, so take it slow and test test test!

Remember to follow me Increase your sales with offline marketing in a different way.




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Wow, that's one of the greatest selling methods I have ever heard of. It's so easy yet so profitable (it seems like). Unluckily I'm not a salesman but I'll definitely spread the word to people that I know does online marketing (or even local services, thinking of a friend).

Thanks so much, very appreciated!


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I have been a blogger since a couple of years. I have couple of websites which I use for affiliate marketing. I have recently started a dropshipping website. I have been working online since a long time. However, when it comes to make money only I am still a novice. I have used some of the common ways of marketing online, and I am yet to consider offline marketing to increase sales or gain leads.
In the coming days I will be using some of the methods explained here.

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that's pretty smart and good it's very good to know where they usually buy things and pop up in their ways but I think online marketing can be more successful if you go to the right way.
right now affiliate marketing has huge part in online selling and nowdays most of the people buy online so better find ways to sell better online...

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Yeah, there are many ways to skin a cat and the same with marketing, there are ways and means to get a sale. However, I don’t think it is that effective to promote an online business in an offline way except when the business is big like a chain of restaurants for an example. For small scale business, I would still go for online marketing which is the standard for now.

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