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I just joined here, Need some suggestions

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I just joined here, Need some suggestions

Hi there
I am a new comer here so I no idea about this marketplace, can anyone please suggest me how can I do well here ?

Thanks in advance 


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Welcome to Monster Backlinks MamunChaudhury!

The best way to do well on here is to do some research and see what users want to buy. Example Seo services like me and my colleagues sell on here.

I just checked out your profile and services, I would recommend to be less specific about your experience and more specific about the service your selling.
No where in the description are you specifying what you are selling exactly, which will more than likely confuse customers.

If you don't have any services that users want to buy you can always contact other sellers on Monster Backlinks, and start reselling their services for a higher price. For example we sell extreamly cheap and high quality web traffic as well as backlinks, and you are always welcomed to resell them.

If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact us :-)


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Hi, MamunChaudhury
Welcome to the community.
Just check what people are selling.
As per my experience, Monster Backlinks is especially for SEO related services.
Just check the Services on the homepage and if you can provide better service than the top sellers at a lower price than Start Selling Now.
Good luck

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Hi SArfrz
Thanks a lot for your great suggestion and cooperation, However I follow your service , here and want to purchase it, how can I proceed?

Waiting for your reply. All the best

Mamun Chaudhury

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