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Email Etiquette Techniques you Should Always use

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Email Etiquette Techniques you Should Always use

When it comes to email marketing, there is a lot of things you can do to drop your open rate, reduce your click-throughs, and even get blocked or blacklisted by email servers.  You need to know what you're doing if you plan to do any email marketing and it doesn't matter if the leads are warm or cold, you need to do your research before sending out your first email.

Email marketing can be tricky since it has been abused for many years, but if you do it right you will notice a decent amount of traffic coming to your website, and that means the potential for sales will increase as well Email Etiquette Techniques you Should Always use

Below are some standard email etiquette techniques you should follow if you plan to do any email marketing now or in the future.

Make sure your subject line is clear and to the point
No one wants to see a vague subject line flooding their inbox.  Instead, get to the point and tell people what is inside of the email before they click.  If they know what they're going to read before they click through, they will be happier, and that means you can turn them into a customer much easier than if they took a chance and hated the content of your email.

Always use your signature
You'd be surprised how many people don't utilize their signatures when sending emails.  This will allow you to put your personal or business information within the email and not make it look spammy.  I like using my name, title, and domain name within the email signature to get more traffic.  Sometimes I'll add in my phone number, but I hate talking on the phone, so it depends on what type of email I'm sending out lol.

Professional salutations are a requirement
Whenever you start an email with "Hi" or "Hey" it makes you sound less of a professional and more of a casual person trying to pitch something.  If you're talking to business owners or customers around the world, you will always want to go with the standard "Hello" so you come off as a professional.

You can always switch to a more casual conversation later on after the person on the other end has shown their demeanor, but until they start saying "Hey" or "Hi" then you will always stick with "Hello" just to be safe Email Etiquette Techniques you Should Always use

Try to avoid humor
If you're like me, you will always start as professional as possible and wait until you have a good reading of the person you're talking with.  If their responses are always professional and they never crack from that, then I'll always respond in a professional manner.  Now, if they start to add in some LOLs or smiley faces, then I'll do the same because I'd rather type like that than be a professional person that sounds like he's wearing a suit all day long and could possibly be a robot lol Email Etiquette Techniques you Should Always use

Proofread twice before sending
It doesn't matter if you're the best writer in the world, you will need to proofread everything that goes out before you hit "SEND", and that's because even the greatest people make mistakes from time to time.  Don't be the person that gets used to sending amazing emails and then you stop proofreading only to find out that you've been hitting the wrong key and now you sound less intelligent due to your spelling errors Email Etiquette Techniques you Should Always use

Never assume the person knows what you're talking about
Like the title says, never assume the other person knows what you're talking about because you could start rambling off in an email, and the other person might get lost.  Making sure the person understands you is something that needs to be a priority because once they're lost in the conversation, it's tough to turn them into a paying customer.

Always respond to your incoming emails
Plenty of us go on vacation or don't work on weekends, but that shouldn't stop you from responding to every email that comes in.  You could even set up an auto-response saying that you're out of the office until a specific date, and you will contact the person back when you're in office.  As long as you're sending out a quick response letting the person know you'll get back to them with more information, they won't be upset if it takes another day or two.

Never respond quickly with little information
Some people get this confused with the point I made just above this.  Responding with a short message saying you're out of the office is different than responding to a long email full of customer questions with a simple "Yes."  This is because a person wants to see all of your answers, they want to know you're invested in your business, and they're not looking for one-word answers as a response.  The better your response, the more likely you'll gain a new customer, and the more likely they'll refer others to you as well Email Etiquette Techniques you Should Always use

Always keep private material confidential and never in an email
Never talk about personal information within an email because you never know how it could be used.  You could talk to someone who says they're Jane Doe and then you talk about their logins and passwords only to figure out that account is now compromised due to someone hacking their email.  Instead, meet with people in person if you have to talk about personal details and if that's not an option, then don't talk about them at all.

Never Overuse Exclamation Points!!!!!!!!!
See what I did there!!!  You should never overuse exclamation points because that's not how the English language works.  You don't need to use 25 exclamation point when one will do the exact same thing.  Just stop using more than one whenever you're writing because it makes you look less of a professional and more of a child!  Stick with one because it carries the same weight and authority as if you were to use 100 of them Email Etiquette Techniques you Should Always use

Final Thoughts,
If you follow everything I've mentioned above, then you'll have an amazing email on your hands.  I'm sure there are some other things you can throw into this discussion, which I'd love to hear, so be sure to add them in the comments below!

Thanks for reading Email Etiquette Techniques you Should Always use

- Tommy


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