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7 Step Email Marketing Strategy to pull in More Sales

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7 Step Email Marketing Strategy to pull in More Sales

A lot of people are trying to turn their visitors into paying customers as soon as they land on a page of their website.  What you should be trying to do is get them to sign up for your newsletter and convince them over time that you're the best of the best in your industry, and they will be dumb to not purchase from you. 

Email marketing gets a bad name because of all the people out there spamming millions of pointless get rich quick schemes, health programs, iPad giveaways, etc.  What you'll be doing is entirely legal, your subscribers know what's coming, and they will gladly read your newsletters when they grace the inbox of their email.

Now then, let's discuss a little more in detail the seven steps to your email marketing strategy that will pull in more sales!

Make it easy for your visitors to sign up
You don't want your visitors to look around for your newsletter signup form because that will reduce your success rate at getting signups.  Instead, put it at the top of your homepage and also have a drop-down show after 10 seconds and also have an exit-intent popup show, so you're sure to capture as many signups as possible.

Use compelling subject lines to grab a readers attention
After you start to compile your subscribers, you will want to send out what's called "Onboarding" emails so they know you're legitimate.  You don't want to spam them with offers right away, instead, welcome them to your community and let them know what to expect over the course of their time within your list.

You will want to use straightforward titles, don't try to trick them into clicking, and you will notice the people opening your emails are more likely to visit your website than if you were to put "Re:" at the beginning of your email to trick them into opening it lol 7 Step Email Marketing Strategy to pull in More Sales

Always be compliant with email standards
You can't add 1,000s of emails to your own list and think you're going to stick around for long.  You will need people to manually sign up on their own if you want to comply with all the standards and ethics that come with email marketing.  Send one email a week, maybe two emails a week, but never push it more than that because people could feel like you're spamming and they will unsubscribe.

Build and nurture your audience over time
You won't get 1,000s of emails each day when you first start this unless you're already getting 100,000+ visitors a day.  If you're starting this as soon as your website is launched, you will see a trickle of emails landing in your list, and that is when you begin to nurture them over time.

The longer these people stay subscribed, the easier it is to brand your business, and the more likely they'll become a paying customer.

Use the best practices to pull in more visitors
If you're buying cheap traffic, expect inferior results, and that's all I'll say about that.  Now, if you're paying for PPC traffic from Bing Ads or Adwords, then you'll likely be getting much better traffic, and you will see a decent number of signups.

Even if the traffic source costs a little more than the cheap ones flooding the internet right now, you will quickly notice the quality of your visitors is unmatched if you were to pull them from a specific ad on a 3rd party website or if you ran a PPC campaign targeting specific keywords.

Get to the point
Please don't beat around the bush when it comes to email marketing.  We all know that emails are usually pitches to get you to click through and check out a product or service, so explain what the product or service is about and leave a quick link.  Let the reader determine if they want to click through and never leave a line that says "CLICK HERE NOW" because it makes you look desperate.

Keep the conversation going, so it doesn't die
If you can set up an email sequence of at least outgoing emails/newsletters, you'll notice your subscribers sticking around for along time.  You'll need to add onto those six emails over time, preferably before your first subscriber hits the 6th email, but you can work on those in batches each week and keep them scheduled to go out each week. 

Think about it; you can sit down for an entire day and write up 50 great emails for your subscribers.  You can then schedule them to go out once every week, and that will fill up almost an entire year lol.  When you're a few weeks away from hitting #50, then you do the whole process again and write 50 more 7 Step Email Marketing Strategy to pull in More Sales

Final Thoughts,
Email marketing isn't the toughest thing to do in the world, but it is rather easy and tempting to go to the dark side and start spamming your subscribers.  What you'll want to do is run your list like it's full of people ready to buy, but they get scared if they get more than two emails a week.  If you can stick to one or two newsletters, preferably one, then you'll nurture your lists over time and they will gladly come back to your website and make a purchase when they're ready 7 Step Email Marketing Strategy to pull in More Sales

Thanks for reading 7 Step Email Marketing Strategy to pull in More Sales

- Tommy


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Once again tremendous info I am sure will help many, me included
Kind Regards
Steve Simmonds

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Hey Steve,

I'm glad you liked it 7 Step Email Marketing Strategy to pull in More Sales I use everything I mentioned above and I seem to do pretty well when sending out newsletters and even when I send out cold emails to bring new customers to my websites that have never heard of me in the past 7 Step Email Marketing Strategy to pull in More Sales

Mix it up a little bit and never use something exactly that works for a different niche. If you think a title, description, or approach will work best for your audience then go with that. Some industries send out straight forward emails that people are used to while others send out vague emails in order to increase click-throughs, which people are also used to. You need to find the middle ground where you're not too pushy with your emails but you're still professional and people want to work with you or check out your website 7 Step Email Marketing Strategy to pull in More Sales

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