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4 reasons you should try EDDM Marketing over Email Marketing

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4 reasons you should try EDDM Marketing over Email Marketing

I've written a few email marketing related discussions over the past 15 years I've been working online, and I rarely cover why someone should try out EDDM Marketing for their business.  Well, that changes today, and I'll be covering the top 4 reasons you should try EDDM marketing over Email Marketing!

EDDM Marketing stands for "Every Door Direct Mailing," and that's essentially how you get a postcard for your business in the hands of homeowners in the area.  This type of marketing tends to have a lower success rate and ROI than other forms of marketing but that's because it's more difficult to track and the lifespan of this type of campaign can be years compared to months when you do Email Marketing.

Email inboxes tend to be overloaded with spam
When you're running an email marketing campaign, you will quickly notice your email open rate might be low due to how much spam is going around.  Not as many people are opening up emails anymore because they simply get a load of spam to their inbox and they are getting overloaded. 

No one wants to click on an email and it's actually an advertisement for your services, products, or business and that's why EDDM Marketing might be how you can pull in some additional customers.

You'll get your postcard right in front of them, you don't have to rely on them opening an email, and they will almost always read what is on your mailing before they toss it or save it for later.

You can easily add a personal touch
If you can get people to fill out a form that requires their name, email, phone number, and address, then you can customize your postcards to go out with specific names on them.  You can print in big, bold letters "HEY SALLY!  We heard you were interested in our website!" and that will likely job their memory and bring them back to your pages.  This will also work well with local businesses that compile information from short surveys the employee's hand out to all the customers.  You can collect the customers' name and address in a way to send them direct mailings that consist of birthday messages, discount codes, freebies, etc. and the person receiving the postcard will be happy to have signed up.

You're more trusted than someone sending an email
Not many emails out there are completely trustworthy since a lot of the bigger viruses used to be spread by simply opening an enticing email.  Your computer can't get a virus if you're reading a postcard, which is why people will trust you more, and they will also trust you because you're taking the time to spend money on this type of advertising lol.

Better delivery rates guaranteed
If you're paying to send X,XXX postcards to people within your neighborhood, or an area of your choosing, you will be guaranteed delivery since you're working with the post office to get these out.  You'll be paying a premium per postcard that goes out, but it's usually worth it, and that's because you're always getting into their mailbox and there aren't any sort of spam traps that stop you from getting your mailings to the potential customers 4 reasons you should try EDDM Marketing over Email Marketing

Final Thoughts,
EDDM is definitely more expensive than most forms of marketing out there because you're sending a physical letter or postcard through the mail that requires multiple hands on deck to fulfill.  You pay for the postcard, you're paying for the service at the post office, and you're technically paying for the person to deliver this letter or postcard to the desired home or business.  Like I mentioned above, it's more difficult to track something like this because it could take years before you see something positive come from it, but it's definitely worth it if you have a physical business that relies on foot traffic 4 reasons you should try EDDM Marketing over Email Marketing

Thanks for reading 4 reasons you should try EDDM Marketing over Email Marketing

- Tommy


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